Team Challenge

A sudden blast of smoke clouds your vision as the entire stage suddenly lights up incredibly bright. You hear a mechanical whirring sounds, and as your eyes adjust to the bright lights, and the smoke has faded away, you see the host rising from below the floor onto the stage. His pink suit is glittering as bright as the lights behind him and he’s carrying a million-dollar smile. With a thunderous voice he welcomes you with the following words: “Welcome to the most exciting game of your life! Welcome to Team Challenge!”

After this introduction, the game show host explains further. “In team challenge, you and the others compete against each other in teams to score the most points. You must run around the city and preform a large variety of exciting challenges to score as many points as you can. Document your challenges through photos and videos, and the team with the highest score wins the game! But most important of all, have fun!”

How does it work?

You and your team members each get a smartphone or tablet with GPS. Using the device you can find briefcases containing multiple challenges, which will then be scattered all over the city. Document the challenges you complete using photos or videos, which you can download at the end of the game. Fun will be had, since every challenge will be crazier than the next!

Who can play this?

Since Team Challenge is a city game that uses smartphones and tablets, anyone who can use such a device can play. Would you like to feel as if you’re a participant in a crazy game show? Then this game is definitely for you! collaborate with your teammates to score the most points and complete the most crazy assignments and have the time of your life!

Where, how long and how many?

The game lasts about a total of about 2 hours and is suitable for multiple groups, ranging from 6 to 100 people. The game can be played in all cities and villages, where maps can be customised to fit the environment.